Live Album Release!

Big news, we will be releasing a first ever LIVE album on November 27th!

Recorded live in Duluth, MN at Beaner’s Central, the album features 12 tracks, 6 previously unreleased.

Wednesday, Nov 27 – Third Base. Carlton, MN. 9PM
Thursday, Nov 28 – Thanksgiving!
Friday, Nov 29 – Beaner’s. Duluth, MN. 7PM
Saturday, Nov 30 – Harriet Brewing. Minneapolis, MN. 9PM

Live In Duluth is now available to purchase online at:

iTunes –
Amazon –

Plus, we’ll be hitting a few Wisconsin cities (and Minneapolis) the first week of December:

Wednesday, Dec 4 – Cranky Pat’s. Neenah, WI. 9PM
Thursday, Dec 5 – Frets and Friends. Green Bay, WI. 9PM
Friday, Dec 6 – The Horseshoe Lounge. Chicago IL. 10:30 PM
Saturday, Dec 7 – The Bremen Cafe. Milwaukee, WI. 11 PM
Sunday, Dec 8 – Vintage Italian Pizza. Superior, WI. 5:30PM
Monday, Dec 9 – 331 Club. Minneapolis, MN. 10PM


The story of Live In Duluth:

For many years we’ve tried to capture the reckless spirit of Saint Anyway’s live sound in the studio, but never quite tapped into the right energy. Some different kind of beast just comes to life whenever the three of us play before a crowded room, and it is impossible to make that thing sit patiently for a studio session. What to do?

This year, we decided to capture that beast in it’s natural environment. With the help of Jason Wussow, we recorded Live In Duluth over the course of two hot summer nights at Beaner’s Central in West Duluth. The final album is a “best-of” compilation from those concerts, featuring Ben Cosgrove on keys, Rachel Reichert on fiddle, and Lane Prekker on washboard (in addition to the usual racket from by Jamie, Tony and Dane.)

We’re especially excited that 6 of the 12 songs on Live In Duluth are brand new or previously unreleased. Anyone who has been to a Saint Anyway show in the past year will know that we’ve been busy writing and experimenting with new material – some bluegrass, some not. Those fans that have been with us from the start will also be relieved to know that we are finally putting one of our best loved cover songs on disc. (It’s about time, right?)

Live In Duluth is the best album that Saint Anyway has made yet. It’s a perfect distillation of what this little band is really all about: friends, band-mates, new fans, die-hard fans, family, and strangers all coming together to have one hell of a good night, regardless of whatever else is going on around us.

We hope you enjoy the new album.


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